Shrimp, White, Peeled & Deveined, Tail-off 200/250, Cooked

Portico Classic cooked peeled & deveined tail-off white shrimp are individually quick frozen. Farm raised with no hormones or antibiotics

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• Two 5-pound bags per case
• 250-350 shrimp per pound
• Average of 3000 shrimp per case
• Fully cooked, thaw & serve. Can be heated by boil, bake, sauté, steam, barbecue or grill to prepare . Be careful not to over cook
• Keep frozen until use, store at 0 F. Thaw under proper refrigeration. Remove glaze under cool running water before preparing. Keep shrimp covered to prevent dryness
• Shelf life 18 months. 5 days after thawed under refrigeration
• Features manufactured on date “MDDMY XXX”. Case dimensions are 13.2 inches long by 9.3 inches wide by 7.7 inches high
• True net weight. Ice glaze does not count toward the net weight of the product, which delivers maximum yield and value to the operator.
• Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) and coated in a protective ice glaze to prevent freezer burn, preserve freshness and facilitate the ease of portioning.
• Superior yield. Minimal defects of less than 2% of the weight of the case compared to the industry standard of 5%.
• Labor saver! Available in peeled and deveined, saving you both back of house labor and the HACCP concerns that come with processing raw shrimp.
• Sysco’s unparalleled Point Source Inspection System ensures that your seafood is traceable to the source, delivering consistent quality and integrity every time.
• Creamy Shrimp Salad: Tender cooked shrimp with celery, red pepper and red onion. Tossed in your signature dressing
• Garlic Lime Shrimp: Pan seared shrimp with a hint of garlic and lime served over a bed of Jade Mountain Jasmine rice

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Weight 10 lbs

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