Wild Rice, Premium, 7.5 lb.

Profitable: Wild Rice has a long history of adding elegance to dishes! Adding a ‘little’ wild rice to any recipe give a value-added perception and can increase profit margins.

Features and Benefits: Plant-based, a complete protein, saturated fat free, cholesterol free & gluten free. 100% Whole grain, all natural, NON-GMO, Low Glycemic Index, & fits vegan/vegetarian diets.

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  • SUPC: 4765392 – Premium 12 / 16 oz., poly bags
  • SUPC: 4765400 – Premium 6 / 28 oz., plastic jars
  • SUPC: 5100474 – Premium 2 / 5 lbs., poly bags
  • SUPC: 5758719 – Premium 1 / 7.5 lbs., plastic tub

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North America’s Only Ancient Native Grain.

Explorers from foreign lands desired its life sustaining nutritional value during long expeditions. They traded for this delicious roasted grain with Native Americans, who often fought amongst themselves over the rice beds.

Explorers and Native Americans alike recognized wild rice’s nutritional benefits, its stable extended shelf life, and robust nutty flavor and great aroma. Sysco’s supplier of choice has successfully retained the traditional flavors and aroma of this ancient grain utilizing new technologies and offering the only wild rice that is roasted freshly daily.

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Weight 30 lbs

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