Shrimp, Garlic & Herb Marinated Butterflied, 13/15


• Fajita Platters
• Appetizers – serve with an endless variety of different dips and sauces
• Center of Plate – mix and match with different rice, grains, pasta, and vegetables to create endless options across multiple cuisine segments
• Great up sell to any entrée – add to beef, chicken, pastas, salads, and more

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  • Deveined, butterflied, and pre-marinated with the shell intact for amazing flavor and visual appeal.
  • Labor saver – pre-marinated and already butterflied, this shrimp requires no skilled labor and saves on prep time.
  • Butterflied technique gives way to a larger surface area and creates more saucy pockets for the marinade, resulting in a more flavorful dish.
  • Goes straight from frozen to the flattop grill, oven, or sauté pan, no need to thaw, for fast speed of service.
  • Holds well on steam tables – ideal for catering and buffets.
  • Consistency – serve with confidence the same great product each and every time.
  • Less waste – individually quick frozen so you can take out and use only what you need.

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Weight 10 lbs

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