Trout Rainbow Butterfly Boneless 6 Ounce Chilean

Portico boneless butterfly rainbow trout fillets are sustainably farm-raised in pristine cold water. Rainbow trout features a mild, clean flavor that is extremely versatile and provides easy pairing and preparation. Portico boneless butterfly fillets are IQF and can be cooked from frozen, giving you a versatile seafood item offering labor savings, inventory management, and convenient storage.

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• Contains one 10 pound case
• Each fillet has an average weight of 6 ounces, varies from 5 to 7 ounces
• 23 to 32 fillets servings per case
• Guaranteed boneless, hand trimmed
• BAP 4-star certified
• Seafood Watch good alternative
• Butterflied for an on-trend presentation
• Provides excellent plate coverage
• IQF to protect fillets and ensure high moisture when cooking
• Bake, boil, grill, pan fry, poach or steam
• Cook from frozen providing less shrink and high labor savings
• Cooks from frozen or thawed to an internal temperature of 145°F
• Keep frozen until ready for use
• Shelf Life two years from pack date
• Keep frozen until ready for use
• Cook from frozen or thaw under refrigeration for 2 hours
• Expiration date printed in MM-YYYY format
• Case dimension 15.79″ L x 13.07″ W x 5.35″ H
• Lean protein that provides a quality source of Omega 3 and Vitamin D
Preparation and Cooking Instructions
Combi Heat = Bake: 400-425° 10 to 15 minutes Broil: Lay open skin side down 4 inches from heat source 3 to 5 minutes Poach: cover with liquid, simmer over low heat about 4 minutes Steam: about 5 minutes Sauté: about 2 minutes per side Grill: about 2 minutes per side

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