Italian Pasta, Rotini

Arrezzio authentic Italian Rotini is made from 100% durum wheat semolina. Arrezzio Pasta has an extraordinary nutty wheat taste, intense aroma, and rich color. It performs perfectly with both consistency and durability – whether cooking to order, or when reheating. Arrezzio Rotini Pasta is a “corkscrew” shaped cut and is also known as Fusilli Pasta, frequently used for cold pasta salads or in soups.

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• Contains two 10 lb. bags per case
• Durable Teflon-die extruded for a smooth surface texture
• Thickness: 1.16-1.30mm
• Diameter: 8.4-9.4mm
• Length: 32-44mm
• Serving Size = 2 oz. dry
• Approximately 80 dry servings per 10 lb. bag; and 160 dry servings per 20 lb. case
• The perfect blend of carefully milled semolina and natural Italian water
• Boil pasta for approximately 10-12 minutes in boiling, salted water. Drain, then toss with your favorite sauce or other ingredients
• If pre-cooking – add a little extra virgin olive oil, to help the pasta from drying out while under refrigeration
• Serve as a side tossed with a lemon garlic sauce, freshly cracked black pepper, and grated parmesan
• Store in a cool, dry place
• Shelf Life of 3 years (1095 days) from date of production
• Keep in dry storage in original bags/boxes until ready for use • Once opened, place unused dry pasta in an airtight plastic container to protect the pasta from breakage
• Lot Code Dates printed on exterior box and inner bags • Case dimension 11.810″ L X 19.690″ W X 7.870″ H
• High quality, high-performance Italian pasta made by Master pasta makers for more than 114 years
• Use in Cold Italian or Southwest pasta salads
• Add to chili or baked pasta dishes

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Weight 20 lbs

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